Integrated Change Management

Our approach elevates Change Management as the driving discipline integrating Project and IT Management into a single, proven methodology.

Why do we use a change management framework as the basis for this integration? We recognize that projects, especially IT projects, are about change – significant organizational and personal change. The people involved – their participation in, and understanding and support of these changes – ultimately determine the success or failure of strategic initiatives, projects, new systems, and organizations.

Formal project management methodologies control scope, time, cost and quality effectively. While IT understands the value of the industry standard project management methodology from the Project Management Institute, we believe unique aspects of successful IT projects make this methodology alone insufficient. We find IT projects substantively benefit by combining PMI’s project management with IT management from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ (IEEE) Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK), within a change management framework. Our unique approach focuses on the human element of projects, because failing to understand how these disciplines affect the people involved greatly increases risks to project, technology and organizational success.

Interactive Model