About Us

Projects ARE Change

Our unique approach

COPLAN AND COMPANY uses a change-driven framework to integrate project and IT management in a single, proven methodology. This unique approach increases the likelihood of IT project success. Our change management perspective helps our clients plan, achieve and optimize their strategic and project objectives based on the key to success: the people affected by the change. Completing IT projects focusing on their human component transforms organizations from where they are today to where they need to be tomorrow.

Public Service First

Our client philosophy

COPLAN AND COMPANY helps healthcare and public sector organizations to successfully implement IT projects, improving the services they provide and ultimately enhancing the lives of the people they serve.

An Independent Perspective

Our work philosophy

COPLAN AND COMPANY resolutely maintains our independence of any third parties. Consequently, we only pursue projects where we keep an impartial perspective. This allows us to critically assess a variety of options and prepare recommendations free from bias.

Subject Matter Experts

Our project philosophy

Assigning specific subject matter experts (SMEs) to match each project’s unique needs  offers innovative insight, helping clients run, grow and transform their organizations.