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Changing Organizations to Achieve Agile IT Project Management Success

Expect More!

All IT Projects Are About Change

Optimize your projects

It’s about constant improvement, not just installing a new system

Project and IT management methodologies are not enough. Success depends on the addition of organizational change management. 

DELTA, our unified framework, combines proven change, project, and IT management methodologies and Agile philosophy together to achieve success.

We start with strategic planning, manage the IT implementation, and end with post-project ongoing system optimization.

We provide clients with experienced independent project managers, grounded in organizational change management and Agile philosophy, to ensure IT project success means continuous benefit realization.


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Health Care,
Justice, and Financial & Administrative


  • Los Angeles County Jail Correctional Health, Electronic Health Record (EHR) System
  • Washington State Patrol, Sexual Assault Kit Tracking System
  • Apria Healthcare, Inc., Infusion Therapy System
  • Aptium Oncology Inc., Oncology EHR
  • Washington Health Care Authority, Benefits System
  • Beechstreet Inc., Web Medical Resource Solution
  • Total Renal Care, Financial System
  • Los Angeles County High Desert Hospital, Health Information System (HIS)
  • Los Angeles County Martin L. King Jr./Charles R. Drew Medical Center, HIS
  • Los Angeles County Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center, HIS
  • Texas Health & Human Services Commission, Medicaid Transportation Call Centers Solution
  • Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, HIS Failure Recovery
  • Monterey County Natividad Medical Center, HIS
  • Los Angeles County LAC+USC Medical Center, HIS
  • Los Angeles County Olive View-UCLA Medical Center, HIS


  • Washington State Patrol, Sexual Assualt Kit Tracking System
  • Seattle Law Department, Case Management System (CMS)
  • Los Angeles County Sheriff, Jail EHR
  • Alaska Department of Law, Criminal Division, CMS
  • California State Bar, CMS
  • Washington Office of the Administrator for the Courts, Strategic System Plan
  • Maricopa County, AZ Attorney’s Office, CMS
  • Washington Department of Corrections, Prison Management System
  • Alaska Department of Family and Youth Services, CMS
  • Multnomah County, OR District Attorney, CMS
  • Santa Clara County, CA District Attorney, CMS
  • Santa Clara County, CA Probation Department, Adult CMS
  • District Court, King County, WA, CMS
  • Maricopa County, AZ, Integrated Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) Department, CJIS
  • Seattle, WA Police Department,  Department of Law, and Municipal Court, CJIS
  • State of Arizona at Maricopa County Superior Court, IT Reorganiztion


  • Washington State Lottery, Gaming System
  • Washington Department of Early Learning, Child Care System
  • Seattle Personnel Department, Recruiting System
  • Washington Department of Personnel, Recruiting System
  • Washington Department of Licensing, Business Licensing System
  • Monterey County, CA Auditor-Controller, Human Resources System
  • Los Angeles County Chief Executive Office, Budget System
  • City of Portland, OR Financial Management Bureau, Budget System
  • International Financial Services, HI, Web Check Writing System
  • Alaska Kodiak Island Borough, Financial System

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Our Books

Coming Spring 2022

When a $145 million IT project failure pushes Los Angeles to the edge of financial meltdown, the County CEO asks Max McLellan, The Integrator, for help. At first Max finds the usual missteps, but something bigger and darker beckons, an explosive source of project failure. Max must do something different, rattling ghosts of previous County IT failures, uncloaking crookedness, and exposing truths that shatter careers.

The County Board gives Max, a harried IT project manager, 30 days to identify the problem and a solution. With some people openly rooting for his failure, Max battles to fit all the pieces together with the County team, applying his proven methodology to define the problem, plan a solution and execute it successfully.

The Integrator is a non-fiction narrative on the organizational change framework for achieving Agile IT project management success.

Available at Amazon

Co-written by a certified Project Management Professional and a M.D., Project Management for Healthcare Information Technology examines three management disciplines in detail. This includes proven methodologies encompassing standards and successful practices from project, information technology, and change management for a streamlined transition to a new digital solution.

The book examines each discipline in detail, defined as a set of knowledge areas. It then describes the core processes that take place within each knowledge area in the initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing stages of a project. Real-world examples from healthcare information technology project leaders identify how the integrated methodology presented in this book leads to successful project implementation.

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